Speed test

Speedtest is the dominant global leader in providing efficient internet performance testing and metrics. It is the definitive way to measure the internet performance. The company's mission is to be built a better and faster internet. The technology behind Speedtest is purpose built for accurate and unbiased internet performance testing. This can empower the people all over the world to guage and troubleshoot the speed of internet connections. It is available for Android, Mac OS, iOS, Windows, Apple TV, and Google Chrome. The accuracy and high quality performance is made possible through the thousands of servers that host the Speedtest around the world. The essential objective of the company is that provide the high quality servers in every major city. To view all results run against the servers in real time, each testing host sponsor is provided with a login to the reporting system.

Speedtest Products

The company offers you two types of products such as Speedtest Custom and Speedtest Intelligence. Speedtest Custom assists you to manage your connectivity services through a highly configurable, mobile friendly HTML5-based testing solution and monitoring tools. With the help of this product, you can put the power and authority of Speedtest at your fingertips. You can get started now and publish your branded test within a couple of minutes. You can able to choose a free subscription and unlock the full suite of configuration and analytics tools with a premium subscription starting at $1,995 per year. It will provide the complete network diagnostics which means it delivers same robust and accurate testing quality as Speedtest. This product does not required any infrastructure to setup and run the internet. Based on ultimate ease of management, the customers can easily troubleshoot their internet speed. With the help of this tool, you can determine a connection's inbound bandwidth by testing how quickly it can download the data. You can also able to estimate a connection's outbound bandwidth by testing how quickly it can upload the data. By performing tests on latency down to millisecond, you can understand your connection quality. According to the fluctuations in your ping times, you can get to diagnose network jitter. When compared to more than 5000 servers around the globe, Speedtest server network is the largest of its kind. This expansive internet network server guarantees accurate testing results which can help to provide the actual internet speeds in a physical location. It gives you the option of hosting your test on the server network or your own server network. It offers unparalleled flexibility for tailoring the look and feel of your test. With the use of easy to use self editor, you can customize or make and publish the changes. Based on these customizable options, you can choose from a modifiable template or use custom CSS. You can select color schemes, fonts, scalable dimensions, logos, and more. Using this customization option, you can smoothly integrate your test and branding with fully customizable CSS. It automatically translates labels into 17 languages and specialized characters are also supported whenever they needed. Speedtest Custom comes with the advanced dashboards and analytic tools which can deliver the insights into your network performance based on real customer initiated test results. These tools can allow you to view the quick snapshot of how your network is performing. By simply logging into your account, you can able to access the dashboards and analytic tools at any time. 

Speedtest Custom Plans

The company brings you to choose different types of Speedtest Custom plans such as Test Types, Test URL, Test Access, Test Interface, Test Results, Server Network, and Display. Specifically, the price is $1995 per year including for one server and $995 for each additional server. Test Types server features download, upload, latency and jitter and ability to toggle test types on and off. Test URL defines a unique Speedtest Custom subdomain and it will allow you to embed your test on your own website. Test Access server enables public access or limit access via a password and restrict access to specific public and private URLs. Test Interface server configures a simple and advanced templates. Server Network provides thousands of servers available globally. You can download individual results for previous 60 days and 30 days. It supports desktop and mobile.

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Speedtest Intelligence

By using Speedtest Intelligence, you can determine how ISPs and mobile carriers perform in locations around the world. It is the most comprehensive database of crowdsourced connection test results which offers an unparalleled resource to understand real-time global network performance. The advantages are collected matrics, speedtest intelligence portal and raw data. Based on throughput and line quality track, the company will track more than 20 metrics in each data sample. So, you can break them down by location, client OS, time, browser and more. You can stay informed about changes in mobile and broadband performance with regular access to real-time reports and raw data extracts. You can assess the performance by accessing the raw data and use it. It is the choice of nearly every fortune 500 ISP and mobile provider in the world such as Vodafone, comcast, Microsoft, Time warner cable, Verizon, Cisco, FC, and Cox. 

Speedtest Mobile

With the use of Speedtest Mobile app, you can test your mobile network speed very easily wherever you may be. This app can be available for Android, iOS, Amazon, and Windows Phones. This mobile app is designed for accurately testing the performance of mobile cellular connections including 4G, 3G, LTE, EDGE, and EVDO Networks. You can see how fast your cellular data connection is whenever you want and wherever you may be. Including your mobile network, the mobile app can able to check the performance of your Wi-Fi network connection. The speed tests conducted on Wi-Fi connections can be limited by broadband connection speed, Wi-Fi network type, mobile device type, and other relevant factors. 

Speedtest for Desktop

Speedtest is very helpful and provides you an easier way to check the internet speed on desktop or PC. It is one click connection under 30 seconds and gives you accurate results. Everyday, the millions of people use this website speedtest.net and mobile apps to test the internet speed. With the use of this analytical tool, you can get your ping, download, and upload speeds within seconds. Additionally, you can view real time graphs show connection consistency. Based on assessing the results of internet speed, you can easily troubleshoot or verify the issues for decreasing the internet speed. You can track prior test with detailed reporting. Along with these, you can easily share your results. 

Create Account

Whether you want to view the results history or accessing the services with convenience, the company offers you to create an account through the online website speedtest.net. Based on creating an account at Speedtest, you can access your historical results and manage your preferences. In order to create an account, you are required to fill out the registration form. The registration process will be completed by sending a confirmation email to the provided address. You can easily customize your preferences and manage your results history. The global settings included time, date, distance, speed, and server. You can get to view current connection broadband connection speed. 

Speedtest awards

The company used to collect the Speedtest results to determine the fastest ISPs and mobile networks in the world. The collected results included Cambodia, Bahrain, Cameroon, Cayman Islands, Fiji, Finland, Honduras, India, Iceland, Haiti, Ireland, Indonesia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Morocco, Paraguay, Thailand, Romania, Trinidad & Tobago, United States, Turkey, Ukraine, Serbia, Jordan, etc. Speedtest global index ranking mobile and fixed broadband speeds from around the world on a monthly basis. For more local analysis, you can click on a location. The download speeds are available for different locations such as Norway, Hungary, Singapore, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Macau, Hungary, Netherlands, Lithuania, China, Switzerland, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Spain, etc. Millions of tests can be taken using Speedtest which has been worked diligently to devise the most accurate method for determining the top speeds for fixed and mobile networks. For a given location, it only focuses on ISPs and mobile networks which provide service for a significant number of customers in that geographic area. While one provider might be fastest in the particular city or region because the networks may only serve a small portion of the country. In order to be included in a geographical area, an ISP or a mobile network must meet a minimum threshold according to the number of unique devices testing each day over a six month period. Consumer initiated tests can be aggregated after completion of sample construction process which enables to create standardized data points that can be used for further statistical analysis. In order to ensure that the users must get fair representation in the data, the company should construct the samples. The sample represents the cumulative test results which involving the test results for each unique device or user per location, per calendar day. Based on these results, the company can able to focus on improving the accuracy of providing the data and reduces bias from repeated testing or those attempting to skew results. Other methods can also be incorporated in the Speedtest to curb the fraudulent or inaccurate results. The Speedtest awards for top providers in speed based on a speed score which can be measured by upload and download speed to rank network speed performance. The company assessed the best network speeds attained across a given network without consideration of the performance tier for which an individual is paying. Additionally, you can also access to ISP service over wired and wi-fi connections. Finally, it considers the tests which are taken on various speedtest applications that connect to a fixed network including test taken on mobile phones through wi-fi connection. It aims for top carrier accounts at least reach 3% of the sample size in the geographic area. 

Mobile Networks

In 2015, Speedtest analyzed the mobile networks rank based on the average speeds of the fastest technology in a market, which was primarily 4G LTE. It still uses the average speeds but looking for the results taken from modern devices. Predominantly, the modern devices results including all mobile tests without taking into account the used connection technology as long as those devices will be capable of achieving the fastest speeds. For this year, the company applied the speed score outlined above to determine the best speeds available in the country. 

Speedtest Market Reports

Speedtest market reports are the definitive guide to assess the state of fixed broadband and mobile networks around the world. In this reports, you can get to view in-depth data and insights about country trends as well as analysis about what is driving market developments. By using the millions of users results tests, the Speedtest results can be provided which are most accurate and reliable snapshots of global network speeds. You can find the Speedtest market reports for the locations like Canada, United States, Peru, Nordic countries, Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico, Egypt, and Central America.

Privacy Policy

Speedtest privacy policy gives you overview about which information is collected, how it will collect and use it, what information give to the third party companies, how you can change or control what is collected, information for users located outside the U.S, other useful information regarding privacy policy, and information relevant to interest-based advertising. The company may collect the personal information from you or any other sources. The personal information means information that might reasonably be used to specifically identify you and it includes contact information such as age, postal address, email address, name, and phone number or mobile number. The demographic information also can be collected that may include gender, job information and company information. Additionally, it will collect age, date of birth, user name and password and geolocation data. The company will not intentionally collect the financial data, ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs. It will gather other kinds of information from you or other sources. This type of information may change as technologies evolve. The other information subsuming areas or topics of interest, browsing data including websites data that you have visited, device type, device identification, advertising ID, internet service provider including wi-fi connection, mobile operator, service set provider, international mobile subscriber identity and international mobile equipment identity. Internet Protocol address which is a unique address that can be automatically assigned to your device whenever you access the internet. Log files also collected that involving IP address, browser type, date or time stamps, click stream data, including any clicks on customized links. It uses web beacons which allow the website to estimate users count who have visited the page and to access the certain cookies. Pixel tags also known as GIFs, beacons, spotlight tags or bugs which are used for passing information from the user's computer to third party companies. Local share objects such as flash cookies, and local storage. Mobile analytics are used to understand the functionality of mobile application and software on your phone. The company also supplement the personal information and other information from you with information from third party companies. 

How it will collect the information and use it

When you register the account at speedtest.net or create a profile or purchase a subscription or sign up for emails, news letters, bulletins, webinars, or white papers, it will collect the information. The company will also collect when you're in offline mode through a telephone number or direct mail efforts or from customers, suppliers, vendors, and third party companies. When use this collected information, it may combine your personal information with other information in order to improve the services. Personal information is used to provide the services but it is not limited to when the company send emails or newsletters offering you, display your personal reviews of products or reviews or you search for other website members using information you may already know about the information including user name, full name or gamer profile. The personal information will be used based on advertisements and promotions on the services and on third party channels. If you choose to use the referral service to send an article to contact or to invite a contact to become a member of a website, the company asks for you to provide the email address or allow you to import your contacts from email account's address book. It may collect the username and password for the email account from which you wish to import your contacts and it will only use that information for that purpose. The company partners uses the cookies and other tracking technologies in order to analyze the services, track user's movements, and administrator services and on third party services, devices and applications. You can customize the use of cookies for your website and if you may choose to restrict the cookies, it will limit the use of the company's website for certain features or services. 

Information regarding interest-based advertising

Online data is aggregated with the other information and the collected data is inferred based on general geographic location derived from your IP address or mobile device, demographic or interest data, the pages you view and links you click when viewing an email or using the services and partners, and the search terms you entered when using certain search services. In order to get a more accurate picture of user's interests, the company use aforementioned information. The company stores page views, clicks and search terms used for ad personalization targeting separately from your personal information. The company engages the third party providers to assist with the collection, storage and segmentation of online data and the providers are required to maintain the confidentiality of the information. The company does not authorize such third party providers to collect personal information from the services for their own purposes. For the purpose of recognising the users and delivering interest based content and advertisements, the company maintains the relationship with the third party companies. It may share your user information with the partners such as name, email, postal address, or other identifier. The partners may collect the information directly from your device including IP address, device ID, advertising ID, and information about your browser or operating system. Speed test ad network advertisers may use cookies, web beacons and other advertising IDs to collect the information about your activities on the services. Based on the collected your activities, the company will take an action to provide the targeted advertising. If you opt out of interest based ads, you will continue to receive ads but these ads may not be as relevant to your interests. For suppose, if you change your computer, change your browser, or reset your advertising ID or delete the cookies, you will need to renew your opt-out settings. 

Which Information will share to Third Party Companies

The company may conduct contests, competitions, prize draws or produce and host sponsored white papers, web casts or other downloads for a variety of companies. For such an events, you need to register your account and the company may collect your information during registration process. As part of user information may share to third party providers and others. Including with the sponsors, it may also share the collected information with the third party vendors who involving in the administration of such events. If you no longer wish to receive the messages from individual providers, you can follow the unsubscribe link and instructions at the bottom of the provider's message or contact the third party provider directly. It may also disclose the user information to market products and services in accordance with the privacy policy terms and conditions. At any time, you can control your account settings including name, and other related personal information. You can also view, correct or change the information collected during registration process. If you have any trouble assessing, correcting or deleting the information, you can contact the company directly through the telephone number or email address.

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